Evaluate your service in real time.

Collect and analyze customer experiences across all service points to respond quickly, effectively and accurately.

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Customer support made simple

Our mobile-integrated help desk helps you solve customer-related issues quickly and simply, thanks to an A.I. chatbot feature.

Say goodbye to customer wait times

Our mobile-integrated queue management solution helps you measure demand thus minimize wait times and improve customer flow.

AI powered feedback platform that collects, monitors and evaluates in

Enabling your organization to obtain insights into performance of your products/ services across multiple touch points and derive action points in order to adapt to customer needs thereby increasing retention and brand equity.

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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Growth Africa
The Grass Company
The Baobab Network
Mater Misericordia Hospital

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Explore New Ways to Measure Delivery and Use of Digital Financial Services Data.

WAYO worked in partnership with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and other key stakeholders in the digital financial services space using our platform to generate real time data touching on three key areas: Service delivery, customer recommendations/ suggestions and usage patterns of digital.

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The opportunity

Data related to the delivery and use of these services is critical to unlocking key barriers to their widespread adoption but current data collection techniques are often expensive, error prone, slow, low resolution.


The challenge

Develop a low cost and reliable technological solution to capture relevant data relating to the delivery and use of digital financial services in developing countries.


The solution

A self-reporting tool where customers use any mobile phone to continuously give feedback on service delivery and the data is processed and relayed through a mobile web app via the cloud in real-time.


The impact

5000 users engaged monthly over a period of 18 months, across Kenya working with various mobile money service providers from telecommunication and banking sectors. Over 10000 data points generated and analysed.

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