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Right Judson Althoff (Executive Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Business organisation, Microsoft), Ernest Makotsi (Founder, WAYO) talking about our services to the Microsoft team. We target organizations with a large retail customer base and multiple locations who need actionable data. We offer a customizable AI powered customer feedback platform that collects, monitors and evaluates in real-time, enabling organizations to obtain insights into performance of their products/ services and derive action points in order to adapt to customer needs thereby increasing retention and brand equity.

Right now – all over the world, businesses are changing their products and services to meet the needs of their customers and improve experiences. For businesses with multiple locations – especially those in retail – the ability to monitor customer satisfaction is integral to succeeding in any industry. That's why Wayo can empower companies just like yours to focus on your customer's experience and deliver the best product or service that you can.

Waiting for research groups to perform studies and provide results takes precious time away from your business, and when you finally receive your data, the likelihood is that the needs of your customers and their impression of your business has already changed.

Using USSD and SMS to garner responses from customers at the point of service, Wayo provides feedback in real time through an online dashboard with both qualitative and quantitative reports where businesses can access a myriad of metrics to understand key areas of improvement in general and manage customer specific complaints. This gives a competitive advantage to businesses – as it streamlines how management can source and share data with other locations, and upper management to leverage larger business decisions.

As a manager or business leader, the ability to see and compare the strengths and weaknesses of your products and services across all locations will give you the expertise to make time sensitive decisions that can take your company to the next level. The best part is, all you needed was a way to better understand the customers you already have in order to adapt to their needs therefore increasing retention and brand equity.

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