Reasons Why Web Dashboards Matter

See all your important company information in one place.

Dashboards pull data from various sources and consolidate everything in a single view. Serving as a centralized information hub, a web dashboard allows decision-makers to see patterns and key performance indicators at a glance — enabling them to make business-critical decisions faster and using data from all relevant sources.

Ensure data consistency across multiple teams.

Different teams within your organization may have their own versions of the same report encoded in different formats and managed in various software. A dashboard, whose view can be customized based on user needs, addresses this inconsistency by serving as the central source of information — a single source of truth — for all users. .

Deliver information visually and easily.

Instead of the generic, templated reports, present your data visually through your dashboard and engage your audience to absorb information faster. With WAYO, you can create charts, tables and graphs instantly. No need to be a graphic design expert. Direct your users’ attention to data that really matters at first glance.

Securely access and share business data..

Dashboards allow users to access the information anywhere there’s an internet connection, without the need to download and install additional software. And since you can set user access levels, you can also limit the amount or type of data users can see depending on their access type. You can set a secure login page or make the data publicly available..