Our products

Evaluate your service in real time

Collect and analyze customer experiences across all service points in real-time to respond quickly, effectively and accurately. Hear and understand every customer, at every meaningful moment hence increase retention

Keep customer support simple

Our mobile-integrated help desk helps you solve customer-related issues quickly and simply, thanks to an A.I. chatbot feature to reduce demand to your call center for frequently asked questions.

Say goodbye to customer wait times

Our mobile-integrated queue management solution helps you minimize wait times and improve customer flow by presenting customers the option to join a queue and monitor progress before physically arriving at a branch thus minimizing crowds.

Key features


Mobile based survey feature

This feature runs on USSD,Web and instant messaging apps such as telegram & facebook messenger. It allows collection of data from any mobile phone.


Data display

A dedicated dashboard for data presentation that can be viewed as reports in real-time through graphs, charts or statistics archived by the second, hour, day, month, quarter and yearly.


Sentiment Analysis

Categorization of comments collected based on Positive, Neutral & Negative comments by customers also by complaints, compliments and suggestions.


Key Driver Analysis

This performs an importance - performance analysis. It analyzes the indicators relative importance to customer satisfaction and returns a rank for each indicator.


Word Cloud Analysis

An image composed of words used in comments, in which the size of each word indicates its frequency. This feature will quickly illustrate what is being mentioned at high frequency from the sentiments captured in a particular location over a given time period.



A feature that allows prioritizing specific customer comments to establish root course and action taken, it also generates customer numbers to allow for quick responses by involving the customer.


Satisfaction Rate Analysis

This feature captures individual and total customer customer satisfaction in relation to time, location and service point or product. It also tracks and creates trends for better analysis.


Geo Location Mapping

Mapping of comments data on a map view to help a client know the spans of usage of their products/services plus also help them understand the difference in customer needs, expectations and benchmark their regional performance.


Service Point / Product Engagement Analysis

This feature allows users to track service points/ products based on customer engagement.


Net Promoter Score Analysis

Is an index ranging from -1 to 10 that measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company's products or services to others.


Consumer learning

This is a feature that allows individuals to acquire the purchase and consumption knowledge of products/services offered by engaging on Instant Messengers such as Telegram. A dashboard that shows in real-time what individuals/consumers are inquiring / learning is also provided.

We can undertake Complex API integration with multiple internal systems
  • System able to start collecting data immediately
  • Integrate with SMS, Telegram & facebook to collect data easily
  • Qualitative & quantitative analysis
  • Advanced System integration
  • Enable user permissions
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Our Process
Data Acquisition

Here is where we start gathering data from different sources, where we will have two main types of data sources: Implicit data and Explicit data.

Data Processing

We will need to scrape the data i.e. this where we transform the data into the desired format to identify the following. Missing values, Fake reviews, Unnecessary data/ inconsistent data.

Data Exploration

This is where we can begin to understand patterns in the data and retrieve valuable insights which is delivered through an analytics dashboard: eg Key driver analysis, Sentiment analysis and Net promoter score.